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The much anticipated follow-up to the award-winning The Princess Show, Heist is extremely excited to present Princess Rules this fall in Halifax, NS. 

Nov 7 - 12, 2017

@ The Waiting Room

Ticket link in the coming weeks. 

New Waterford Boy

at the A/V Room of Breton Eduction Centre in New Waterford,  NS 

This is a tribute to the Cape Breton man I never was and never will be. This is a tribute to Cape Bretoners who have the songs of miners and fisherman embedded into their hearts and souls whether they have set foot in a mine, or cast a net, or not. This is a night of storytelling to pay respect to the Cape Breton of my childhood, with hope for the future. This is a tribute to the Cape Breton man I am and all the different types of Cape Breton man there can be. This is my Cape Breton … where I can be Rita MacNeil’s nephew for a week, I can be a superhero and conquer a junior high dance and I can belt the tunes of Allister MacGillivray, the Rankin Family and more songs we all know, all night long.

 Sept 16 / 8:00pm                          Sept 17/2:00 pm                         


available at New Waterford Pharmasave and the Cape Breton Curiosity Shop in Sydney


part of Halifax Fringe

A Live Art Cabaret starring some of the most outrageous up and coming performers of the Halifax Queer community! 

Aug/Sept 2017

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