HEIST is a live art company committed to creating, producing and presenting innovative, genre-bending and queerly playful performances in Halifax and beyond. An important element to our organization is having a clear and strong commitment to diversity within culture, abilities and gender.

HEIST is the brainchild and new creative platform for theatre director/singer/performer Richie Wilcox and musician/theatre designer/performer Aaron Collier. Together, the two partners-in-crime are responsible for the creation of many recent popular shows including The Princess Show, NATION, and New Waterford Boy.

Heist has recently had the complete privilege of welcoming Sylvia Bell onto the team as our Managing Director. This trio could not be happier.

The company is actually the rebirth and takeover of Halifax’s long-running Angels & Heroes Theatre, co-founded in 2002 by Tara Patriquin, Heather Davis-Fisch and Richie Wilcox, making it a true manifestation of its namesake.

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