LUCID is a hybrid digital and in-person program aimed at developing, supporting and producing work by 10 queer artists within Nova Scotia with a priority towards QTBIPOC population, ages 18 - 30. 

This project is developed in collaboration with Vie Jones. Vie is a local Two-Spirit Anishinaabe artist who has framed collective collaboration approaches under Anishinaabeg pedagogical ontologies, rooted in concepts of the Medicine Wheel and traditional knowledge. Outside of the 10 youth artists, the project also features a roster of community guest artists, mentors, and knowledge keepers.

Using the Medicine Wheel and other intergenerational teachings gifted through ceremony and community, this project examines the essence of interrelational collaboration and support for mutual success. LUCID is a collaborative creation project that asks artists, storytellers, performers, and community knowledge keepers to come together and respond to the question "What kind of future do you dream of?" It is the opportunity to share the stories that define our own experiences and collectively shape the way the act of collective dreaming can lead us toward liberation. The process was designed to bring together the community of dreamers into a process that is centred in an ethic of reciprocal care and consent. 

LUCID took place over seven months (January 2023 - July 2023) and featured seven virtual sessions of workshopping and development with the chosen Artist participants. Each session was led by Vie Jones and a guest artist to offer varying routes of artistic practice, inspiration and perspectives. These sessions had a focus on community, collaboration, and self-care with the intent of telling our stories of queer resilience through art. 

The seven sessions led the participants to create their own individual works (in-progress) which were supported, nurtured, and documented for digital presentation here.

Image by Nik Boisvert (image description: we see the back of a person with long black hair and their right arm coming out of a red sleeve with yellow white and black stripes on it. They stand at an open doorway. In the foreground there is a river of Northern Sky lights with a turtle and a beaver on its banks. In the centre of the northern sky, there is a massive group of people and within the group there is a bear, a wolf and a buffalo. The Northern Lights trails above the crowd in a neon green and beside it is a crow and a large hawk.)

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