"Will We Remember? Who Will Remind Us?"

By Rebecca Fernandes

Acrylic on wood

The art I create reflects my fascination with the beauty of the natural world and all that is around us,
magnificent colours and patterns in the living beings that grace this planet. With this art piece I wanted to
challenge myself by painting on a much larger scale. While it came with its complications, I learned so much
in the process. The inspiration behind the idea came to me while I was driving by the water and I was in awe
of how beautiful the scenery was, sights and smells I had not grown up around, and it made me wonder,
although I truly appreciate the opportunity to witness mother nature in all her glory, how long would it be
before it's all gone away? And would I be able to recall the shades of the leaves as they change through the
seasons, the smell of the ocean breeze on a windy day? Or would I forget and will someone else be able to
describe it to me the way that I know it to be? The painting is a mixture of fear and hope. On one side it tries
to capture the sensory feelings of water, seaweed and sand while on the other end it is the part of me that
yearns to relive those moments.


Born and brought up in Dubai, Rebecca Fernandes is an Indian illustrator and pedagogue currently working towards her Master of Arts in Art Education at Nova Scotia College of Art & Design.

Working primarily with acrylic paints and watercolours, her fascination with entomology, scientific and food illustration is reflected in her artwork. Her research interests include themes of belonging, game-based learning and community building through art making.

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