Photo by Dan Froese

shalan joudry - Guest Knowledge Keeper


shalan joudry is an oral storyteller, poet, podcast producer, drummer/singer, playwright and ecologist. Using her theatrical background, shalan brings Mi’kmaw stories to a new generation of listeners, as well as recounting personally crafted narratives. shalan has shared her poetry, oral storytelling and drum singing with numerous stages and events for over two decades. She's the author of three books, two of which are poetry collections published by Gaspereau Press. Her play Koqm, produced by Nestuita'si Storytelling, first appeared at King's Theatre in Annapolis Royal November 2021 and since then has been slowly touring NS. shalan lives in her home territory of Kespukwitk (southwest Nova Scotia) with her family in their community of L’sətkuk (Bear River First Nation) where she is currently focusing on reclaiming Mi’kmaw/L’nu language

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