"Midnight Snacks"

Video Interview Series

Midnight snack is an interview series coming from the desire for connection. When tasked with building this project I immediately knew I wanted to do something with film, after meeting with the management team they had talked about finding ways to involve the other artists. I was interested in this because one of the big reasons I applied for Lucid was to build community; however I recognized that we were all online and that I was in a different city than most of the cohort. From here I thought about ways that I find I connect with people fast; shared experience, music / art and food. Food was a big one and I realised that every relationship in my life is centered around food, sharing meals, talking about what we ate that day, sharing recipes, etc. So I thought if I couldn’t physically be with these people I could ask them about their favourite snack, share it with them online and then see what conversations come out of them being in a space that is familiar and comfortable to them, while eating a food that keeps them grounded. 

Every conversation was different but all went to places I didn’t expect them to! 

I would like to thank everyone I interviewed; Urvi, Frisia, Lara, Chloé, and Lou. Due to time restraints I was only able to edit 3 of the interviews so far but hope to get the others up soon! 

Please enjoy the beginnings of midnight snack and stay tuned for more of it to come soon!


Riel Reddick-Stevens is a multidisciplinary artist and performer currently based in Toronto, with strong ties to Montréal and Nova Scotia.

Alongside acting, Riel works as a composer, playwright and arts educator. 

She and collaborator Aaron Jan were the inaugural recipients of Highland Arts Theatre’s Rita Joe Playwriting award for their musical LAYUP. Riel is also the founder of Roots of Creation; a collective dedicated to providing Black Nova Scotian youth with accessible artistic training and experiences. 

Riel is interested in creating art that centers the Black and Queer experiences; with themes of coming of age, sexuality, and discovering self. She is also interested in discovering how different mediums like music, dance, film and written text can intertwine with each other to tell compelling stories. 

Coming from a background of performing in musical theatre and acting she has training experience from Randolph College, and National Theatre School’s acting program. 

Select recent acting credits include; a one woman show Celestial Bodies (Jimmy Blais, Geordie theatre / YPT), Unity 1918 (Ken Schwartz, Two Planks and a Passion), and Electra (Claudia Alick, CALLING UP) 

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