Sylvia Bell - Production Manager 


I have been working as a stage and production manager for over 20 years and am confident that those who know me, know I do things a little differently.  Making space for the dreaming, the hard conversations and the ever changing schedules and budgets; it is all important. And it is important that it be done with kindness and truth leading the way. Lucid asks the question “what kind of future do you dream of?” I dream of communities leading the way with truth, acceptance and adaptability with an understanding towards the lives we live outside our working selves. A world where the  perception of self and identity do not overshadow the truths of our hearts we wish to share. A world where it is okay to show up just as you are and it is safe for you to do so. Heist unabashedly insists on truth speaking and embracing the discomfort of learning in public. Through our previous and continued work with Vie and the LUCID project I hope we send more humans into the world who have experienced a creation process built to serve their best selves. A process that speaks to the interconnectedness between us humans and all the living things we interact with each day.  A process that confirms there is a better way. 

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