Digital Painting Portfolio

By Ceilidh Pitaw

Ceilidh invites you to see the ancestral life within each piece, word, event and conversation. In their artwork especially, you can find countless stories and personalities that they hope will treat you well, and will take good care of your heart.

Video Description

A carousel of close to 50 images of artwork by Ceilidh Pitaw set against the music of Fawn Wood called Tapwe Oma. Images are of intricate drawings and paintings many in black & white. Many artworks include celestial imagery, landscapes and multidimensional drawings that include multiple images within the shape/outline of another. The first piece depicts a human being whose legs transition into grass on a tree base or mountain base while their head is encompassed by both the shape of a bird's head and the leaves of a small tree. The Theme of animal outlines filled with whole other worlds and images features frequently in this portfolio of work. Ceilidh's work is varied and intricate with many interpretations being possible. Many pieces feature text such as: "Follow Our Youth", "Pleasing Me is The Only Deed I Need To Feed", "Every Child Matters", "SKO" and more. 


Ceilidh Isadore(they/them) is a multidisciplinary Two-Spirit artist from Wagmatcook First Nation. They are committed to collaborating with the natural world. Ceilidh has been raised by community and with community. Due to the nurture they have received over the years; they try their best to bridge the gap of accessibility and opportunity especially for the future generations. Currently they are an Education & Cultural Consultant with Wabanaki Two-Spirit Alliance, they are also a facilitator, artist and storyteller. They love to continue to pass on the tools, resources and knowledges that helped their journey along the way.

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