Aaron Collier - Technical Director  


I have had the privilege of working in the performing arts in multiple capacities for the past 20 years including as a musician, designer, writer, actor, and technical director. My white settler heritage is from mixed European backgrounds including predominantly English and French and the realities of how I have come to be born and raised here, in Mi’kma’ki, are being revealed to me in myriad illuminating ways. Working with Vie has always been a process that involves whole selves, not just the people we are at work or as artists, but the people we are in our truth, even if we’re just trying to figure that out. LUCID to me is the opportunity to share knowledges and create art that is about and for true selves in community, that prioritizes long-term well being over short term comfort or success, that normalizes care and reciprocity among the human and non-human worlds, and that ultimately dares to imagine that a better future already exists. 

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