The piece is a paper mache masaai giraffe that is painted purple to
reflect my favorite colour. The masaai giraffe is native to Kenya
and Tanzania and is slowly going extinct. I wanted to bring
attention to it because of this and to pay homage to my home
country. Every giraffe has its own unique spots that make it stand
out from other giraffes, the masaai giraffe has a very boxy design
of spots. I decided to make its spots into polaroids, since they are
also boxy. These polaroid 'spots" are made up of things and
memories that make me uniquely me. The backgound is the
McDonald bridge, to emphasize the feeling of a wild animal like a
giratte being lost in a city.

A PDF document that goes
into details of the art piece
and my process. Includes close
up shots of the work

A printable version of the
event postcard that is a small
gift from me to you so that you
can take a piece of the event
away with you! :

Includes a link to a file with
the images and videos of


Hello, my name is Urvi Bhatt (she/her). I was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya and have just recently moved to Halifax, Canada. My parents are from India and so this often brings up the question of heritage and identity for me and this really shows in my art sometimes as well. I have no one fixed art medium that I am focusing on currently. I draw, paint, photograph interesting things, write poems and do some digital art as well. My art, much like me, is never one single thing, and is ever changing and evolving into new things that I can never imagine. This would be the first project that I would formally be a part of and so I hope to continue learning new things from everyone here at the Heist team. Thank you for your attention.

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