Frequencies livestream performances will be presented by The National Arts Centre on November 5th and 6th, 2021 as part of their Theatre and Physics Symposium. Click here for tickets.

The “I” in Physics: The Inner Lives of Physicists

A conversation sparked by Frequencies led by modern physics’ greatest thought leaders, moderated by the Host of CBC Ideas, Nahlah Ayed. Click here to register for this free event.

The Frequencies original score album is now available! Click here to listen / buy!


By Aaron Collier with Francesca Ekwuyasi and Stewart Legere

"In early 2018 I was writing techno music that was based on the frequencies of nature. I set out to create music that would give me access to new perspectives. I would get curious about some kind of relationship or natural phenomenon that occurs in milliseconds or over millennia and then work to manifest it as music. The music I was making ended up being about time and perspective, two things that most of us can agree have changed greatly in our lives. I wanted to find ways to see the world differently, and I did. I discovered a lot. I discovered the music the earth plays over millions of years, I discovered the harmonious relationships of the planetary orbits in our solar systems, and I discovered how a bee might experience time. What I didn’t expect to discover was an unanswered question I’ve had since childhood, and a desire to finally seek the answer.

We premiered the livestream work in February 2021 at the Bus Stop Theatre in Kjipuktuk Mi’kma’ki / Halifax, Nova Scotia, and the score will be released as an album on November 5th, 2021 in tandem with the National Arts Centre’s livestream presentation as part of their Theatre and Physics Symposium. I’m ever grateful to my family and my colleagues at HEIST and beyond. Thank you to my fans who have been “one on one” with me through this, it’s an honour to be the guest of your attention."


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