New Waterford Boy: A Ceilidh

This is a tribute to Cape Bretoners who have the songs of miners and fisherman embedded into their hearts and souls whether they have set foot in a mine, or cast a net, or not. This is a night of storytelling to pay respect to the Cape Breton of my childhood, with hope for the future. This is a tribute to the Cape Bretoner I am and all the different types of Cape Breton man there can be. This is my Cape Breton ... where I can be Rita MacNeil’s nephew for a week, I can be a superhero and conquer a junior high dance and I can belt the tunes of Allister MacGillivray, the Rankin Family and more songs we all know, all night long.

The show features Richie Wilcox (former Canadian Idol contestant, The Princess Show) alongside Aaron Collier on keys (The Princess Show, Frequenices, former keyboardist for The Jimmy Swift Band), Brian Talbot on percussion (former drummer of Slowcoaster, The Rankin Family), Sarah Richardson with vocals and musical direction (Controlled Damage) and Wilcox’s childhood best friend (and prom date) Lynn MacIntyre with vocals and guitar.

New Waterford Boy: A Ceilidh

Check out a promotional trailer for the show which showcases the set, the cast and samplings of the music. 

Creative Team

Written and Directed by Richie Wilcox 

Starring Richie Wilcox, Aaron Collier, Lynn MacIntyre, Brian Talbot and Sarah Richardson 

Lighting by Sylvia Bell

Music Direction by Sarah Richardson

Set & Projection by Aaron Collier

Costume by Emlyn Murray 

Production Managed by Sylvia Bell 

Production History: 

  • Mayworks Festival, Bus Stop Theatre, 2 performances - 2017
  • Ship's Company Theatre, 2 performances - 2017
  • Breton Education Centre, New Waterford, 1 performance - 2017
  • Ship's Company Theatre, 2 performances - 2019


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