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From the makers of The Princess Show, here is a new journey of Princess Edward where she takes her career to new heights no matter the cost. 

In Princess Rules, Princess Edward reinvents her pop star persona and goes rogue to produce her new show. But when mysterious floating orbs threaten her career and even her life, she must learn how to listen to her true self before she loses everything.

Starring Aaron Collier as Princess Edward, Richie Wilcox as Abel T. Suckizone, Jay Whitehead as Didi d'Edada and introducing Lara Lewis as Valet Girl. 

Director: Jean-Pierre Cloutier, Projection and Video: Aaron Collier & Nick Bottomley, Claymation: Deonie Hudson, Original Score: Aaron Collier, Costume: Emlyn Murray, Illustrator: Matt Miller, Narrator: Mino Inoue, Production Manager: Sylvia Bell 

JUNE 16 & 17 at Casa in Lethbridge, Alberta as part of Lethbridge Pride Fest      

Tickets at lethbridgepride.tickit.ca

New Waterford Boy

This is a tribute to the Cape Breton man I never was and never will be. This is a tribute to Cape Bretoners who have the songs of miners and fisherman embedded into their hearts and souls whether they have set foot in a mine, or cast a net, or not. This is a night of storytelling to pay respect to the Cape Breton of my childhood, with hope for the future. This is a tribute to the Cape Breton man I am and all the different types of Cape Breton man there can be. This is my Cape Breton … where I can be Rita MacNeil’s nephew for a week, I can be a superhero and conquer a junior high dance and I can belt the tunes of Allister MacGillivray, the Rankin Family and more songs we all know, all night long.

The Confession of  Jeffrey Dahmer

written by Josh Hitchens

The Heist team has been working with Theatre Bsmt and Theatre Outre in Alberta to bring this visceral haunting experience based on Dahmer's own words to the stage. 

We will keep you posted on tour dates.

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