Princess’ Pride ‘n’ Joy

Princess’ Pride ‘n’ Joy features the beloved character of Princess Edward and her true love Abel T. Suckizone battling a furious cloud of darkness as they attempt to inject a lonely devastated world with a big dose of hope. Told over three separate episodes, this mini-trilogy features special guests, dj and dancing, and a favorite party game to entertain the audience alongside this epic journey!

Episode One marks the return of performer Lara Lewis as Valet Girl - the villain turned friend from Princess Rules. Episode Two brings back Jay Whitehead as Princess & Abel’s bestie, Didi D’edada who was seen in both The Princess Show and Princess Rules. And Episode Three of Princess’ Pride ‘n’ Joy introduces Chris Cocherane, well known for their performances as Elle Noir, into the folklore of Princess as the character of Joi de’Vivre. 

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