The Princess Show in Parrsboro!

Princess and Abel are bringing their award winning production to Ship’s Company Theatre in Parrsboro Nova Scotia! July 15 and 16 with both shows featuring dancing on the deck with DJ Douvet! Tickets are on sale now!

In HEIST’s award-winning multimedia extravaganza, Princess Edward takes the audience into a world where anime heroes, bass guitarist rock stars and dance pop epics meld into one. On a quest to save her beloved Abel from The Beast, Princess puts it all on the line in this live-action-queer-anime-drag-adventure. The Princess Show offers up a campy and visually stunning fantasy world for the audience where they can cheer Princess on as she tackles real problems.

It’s humbling and amazing to me that this little show that Richie Wilcox, Deonie Hudson and myself created in 2016 with our friends has been received so well that it’s made it’s way to six different cities and now it’s here in Parrsboro where Richie and I have chosen to call home. While it is a fun and campy little show, it’s actually deeply personal for me, written at a time when I was finally taking on and working through long standing chronic depression. Maybe people resonate with the show because for many of us, what self love looks and feels like can be elusive and difficult, or maybe people just like seeing folks in drag going on a strange and fantastical adventure. Turns out the two are closely related for me. I hope this puts a smile on your face and lights up your heart a little. It’s certainly a privilege to perform it for you. - Aaron Collier

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